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26th-Nov-2010 02:47 pm - ~New LJ. YAY! (?)
hiroC biggu eyes
~Ciaossu! So yeah, after years of having a lurker account, I finally decided on making a PROPER and ACTIVE LiveJournal account. I've actually been planning to make one months ago but I keep on procrastinating. Thanks to azurekitsune  for finally helping me make up my mind. :)) So uhmm.. Do not expect a lot from this account since I post crap and whatever shiz.  I'll still be using this account to lurk but I'll make it somehow semi-active. (I do not make sense at all.) This journal will be used MOSTLY for fangirling. Do expect some NSFW entries. If you know me, you prolly know how I think and what I usually post in my other sites. Take note that this LJ will be friends/semi-friends only. But I don't bite so feel free to add me up if you think we'll get along. So yeah.

What to expect from this account:
- anime/manga
- seiyuu
- British shows
- music
- yaoi/BL
- NSFW stuff

P.S. Thank you ding1989  for the awesome HiroC userpic I am currently using.

P.P.S. For those people I am adding, do not be scared I am not a stalker LOL. If I added you, that means you're a friend of my former (loser) account juudaime5927 hahaha

P.P.P.S. If you guys are thinking "Why the need to make a new LJ? Why not just rename the previous one?" Well, I dunno myself. LOL. I just wanted something new, I guess. :p Yeah, it'll be a pain re-joining the 108 communities but meh. :))

Blah blah blah. I'm too lazy. I will end this now.

See ye around!

Love and Peace!
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